Verifying the business standing of the Russian Companies: http://www.ved.gov.ru/eng/companies/business/

Trade Representation of the Russian Federation kindly recommends you to verify your partners and send your inquiry to the following organizations, which have extensive database on all currently operated companies in Russia:

Center for Business Information and Consultations of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)
6 Ilyinka St., Moscow, Russia, 109012
Phone: +7-495-620-0387
(Moscow is 8 hours ahead of Washington)
Fax: +7-495-620-0270
E-mail: tpprf@tpprf.ru or sergeev@tpprf.ru
URL: www.tpprf.ru
Contact person – Mr. Victor A. Sergeev, Head of Division, Business Information Department

Russian Debt Corporation
75/11 F. Engels St., Moscow, Russia, 107082
Phone/Fax: +7-495-921-3842, +7-495-729-8450, +7-495-225-2539
E-mail: info@rusdolg.ru, sekretar@rusdolg.ru, kapustina@worlddebt.info
URL: www.worlddebt.info or www.rusdolg.ru
Contact person – Ms. Ekaterina Kapustina

Office in New York (NY, USA)
Phone: 1-347-234-5911, 1-212-202-2387

Avantage Consulting Agency
28 Zvezdny Bulvar, Moscow, Russia, 129075
Phone: +7-495-774-0455
E-mail: info@zao-avantage.ru
URL: www.zao-avantage.ru
Director – Mr. Mikhail Satyshev

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