Ryazan is located in the central part of Russia, 200 km south of Moscow. The city is the large industrial center. The investment climate, created here, is very hospitable for disposal of projects in various scopes of business. Ryazan has built good and supposedly long-term partnership with such Companies as TNK-BP, Guardian, TechnoNIKOL, Globus, Metro, Auchan.

The city administration preserves Small and Middle business in the region. Ryazan stimulates different businessmen to create and develop their new projects inside the region, and tries to assist financially in this or that way.

The City Administration also invites you to visit the Ryazan-city and to examine available investment platforms. If necessary, they are ready to provide you any interesting material ASAP. We are also ready to apply all the necessary documentation for your side promptly.

Big and small investments into real sector of economy are welcome! 


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  • Part 2, edition 2012. Built-up areas development.pdf
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  • Part 4, edition 2012. Tourist and leisure zones development.pdf
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