Volgograd mustard mill "RODOS" Ltd

Russian company Volgograd mustard mill "RODOS" Ltd. is looking to cooperate with potential partners: importers of packaged edible oil and mustard powder to be sold in grocery stores, or manufacturers of sauces, mayonnaise and seasonings, who are interested in buying the plant's production, namely:

  • "Gorlinka" premium mustard powder (allyl isothiocyanate content - not less than 1.21%, oil content - not less than 14%, humidity - not more than 9%, shelf life - 18 months);
  • "Gorlinka" premium mustard oil (erucic acid content - not more than 5% , acid index - not more than 1.5 KOH, peroxide number - not more than 5, color number - not more than 7 mg of iodine, shelf life - 12 months).

"Gorlinka" mustard powder and mustard oil are natural organic products obtained as a result of mustard seeds cold-pressing. It is produced only from selected seeds.

Mustard powder is used as a food and health product, in the preparation of mustard and various seasonings. It has bactericidal properties. Thanks to its property to split oils mustard powder is used as an excellent natural cleanser. It may be used as a mask and cleanser for oily hair.

Mustard oil is a valuable nutritious product, which has antiseptic and antibacterial properties; it is effectively used for treatment of gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases, wounds, burns. Oil is rich in natural antibiotics (isothiocyanates, sinegrin, essential mustard oil), it shows the anthelmintic effect. It is useful for disorders of lipid exchange and atherosclerosis. It promotes the growth and development of an organism. Due to cold pressing biologically active substances, provitamins and vitamins A, B6, D, E, F, PP remains in the oil. 

Mustard oil has a delicate flavor and odor, bright amber color and specific transparency. When frying it does not foam, complements the taste of vegetables in salads. Bread made with the addition of mustard oil does not grow hard for a long time. It is a natural preservative. 

The production process of "Gorlinka" mustard oil and mustard powder is certified according to requirements of ISO 22 000:2005 and comply with European environmental and safety standards. Products of our company won numerous awards for its high quality.

The plant is ready to deliver products by shipping containers holding 18-25 tons of mustard powder or mustard oil. Possible volumes, prices and delivery terms will be specified in negotiations. 

If you have any interest in this product, please contact Volgograd Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the purpose of further cooperation. 

Tel.: +7 (8442) 23-96-33,

Fax: +7 (8442) 23-24-66

E-mail: internation@volgogradcci.ruoves_vcci@mail.ru        


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