Teana Laboratories

Russian women got acquainted with TEANA cosmetics in 2007, when ampoules with five types of serums were released for the first time. This product was met with delight. The true is at that time was nothing similar at the market. The concentrated product of Teana for personal care, it was success! The success was predictable. The founder of the Teana company, our compatriot, before starting his own business, had had a lot of experience in pharmaceutical business. While working with medical cosmetics every day, he had a chance to study all the problems which women had when looking after themselves. He noticed that in Russia a niche of effective natural cosmetics, which would be simple in use, would have fast results and cost little money, was absolutely empty.

So this way the cosmetic of TEANA appeared. Teana have defined a difficult task. The products had to be natural but work well, be effective, professional, simple in use and inexpensive. Time needed to implement the difficult task. But as a result the cosmetic of TEANA consists of 100% natural components, state of the art achievements in science like Luxe brand, but unlike them it is inexpensive.

How have we managed to achieve this? We did not play marketing games with customers and we did not use old-fashioned technology. We respect traditions and recipes of our grandmothers, but believe in cosmetology as a science, whose achievements are the basis for cosmetics of TEANA. Besides, we refused of publicity expenses that allowed us to retain low prices.

As we see it now, the strategy was right. At present TEANA cosmetics have thousands of admirers. Everyone has found something special, which no other brand could offer. TEANA is one of most dynamically developing brands. We constantly follow-up information about scientific achievements in cosmetology. We update our products: use more effective technologies and ingredients. We are always on the move and every day we produce TEANA cosmetics in a more innovation way. TEANA cosmetics still does not contain artificial colours and aromatizes. It is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, and ideal for Russian women.

Official web site - http://www.teana-team.ru/eng/

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