Geyser Company

The Geyser Company is one of the leaders on the market of water treatment systems. It was the first in Russia to start the production of water filters as early as 1986. Since that time, hundreds thousands of families prepare purified water at home and protect their health thanks to unique technologies developed by Geyser researchers.

The Geyser Company is the only company in Russia that develops technologies and materials for water treatment on the basis of powerful scientific foundation, with skilled specialists who got fundamental chemical educations and took up and developed the best achievements of the chemical school of the former Soviet Union.

The discoveries and inventions of Geyser researchers were confirmed by more than 20 Russian Federation patents and by numerous independent scientific tests.

The advanced materials and units developed by Geyser (Aragon material, Ecotar bulk filter material, Aragon-3 main-line potable water cartridge, Geyser-AquaChief cottage system, and many others) outstripped their time for decades and still have no analogs in the world.

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